Carnivory: Insta-Boners, Ultra-endurance and Power

In "Becoming the Carnivore" I share my thoughts on beginning a carnivore diet and removing vegetables. In this article I share how carnivory has boosted body composition, sport performance and libido. It's been quite fun.

Body Composition

This is the easiest way that I know of, to get jacked. The more steak I eat, the more shredded I get. I think the extra animal protein is boosting hypertrophy and preserving lean mass gains.

With the additional meat, I easily reduced extra fat intake (butter, oil, cream). On Keto I needed added fat to suppress hunger. I don't need butter, cream or oil in my coffee anymore. By eating less fat, I became less fat. ABS ON FLEEK!

Body composition isn't the point of healthy living, Not for me at least, but it's definitely a marker of health. It's important to feel good about the way we look. Being jacked and tan is fun and that's OK. It's also good when your significant other wants to bang you.

*Turbo Douche Bag Alert.*

I apologize for the duckface. This photo was originally taken and sent to Brit.

I'm not the most jacked bro on the internet. But the fact is, my physique requires almost zero effort to maintain, year round. I don't run bulking and cutting cycles.

I eat lots of butter, salt, cream and bacon for crying out loud. I literally eat exactly what I want, when I want, until I'm stuffed...usually twice a day.


I only exercise 3x a week because it's fun, not to burn calories. The only supplement I take is a basic amino acid

I'm trying to illustrate the benefits of this diet without coming off as a self absorbed cunt-face.

I have a new baby, two jobs and an active social an addiction to science fiction books.

What I'm trying to say is, getting yoked doesn't need to consume your life. On the contrary, a health practice should maximize free time. This diet does that. 

Skip the low-fat, low-sodium meal prepping. You don't need to eat every couple hours to "speed up your metabolism." You don't need weird supplements and exercise shouldn't be a chore. 

There's an easier way, guys. 

Performance and recovery

Running: I ran my best half-marathon on day 27 of this diet. I took 8th place on a trail through Santiago Canyon. I felt very fast and for the first time wasn't completely ravenous for calories after the race. I didn't consume any carb or sugar gels, but I did use Ucan super starch and Perfect Amino.

In the days following, I had minimal soreness. 

Usually, half marathons leave me limping for several days.

Zach Bitter holds the 12 Hour World Record and the 100 Mile American Record. I don't think he's carnivore, but he is practicing a high-fat, low-carb diet. The carnivore diet is very similar in that it's also driven by fat. I speculate whatever benefits a low-carb diet offers to endurance running, a carnivore diet offers the same. 

Strength: I just hit a lifetime deadlift PR in a USPA sanctioned Powerlifting meet on Father's day. I pulled 507 pounds, for the biggest lift within the 181 lb weight class. I feel like that's enough anecdote to suggest this diet is great for strength. 

If that's not convincing enough, you can watch Shawn Baker set a world record in this blog, fueled exclusively by meat. 

Carbohydrates are unnecessary for strength training...BLASPHEMY! This is very unpopular thinking within the strength and bodybuilding community.

"You need carbs to fuel your workouts BRO!"

Untrue. Unless you can't burn fat well. In that case you actually do need carbs. Bummer for you.  

Carbohydrates are a necessary fuel source for the traditional, carb-adapted athlete. When a carb-adapted athlete skips carbs, energy levels plummet because they can't access energy from fat. 

A fat-adapted carnivore can remove carbohydrates and utilize body-fat, plus dietary animal fat. I only have eyes for Ribeyes. <3

Carbs displace superior nutrition and degrade performance and gains.

This is a personal hypothesis of mine.

The more carbohydrates (and plants) you consume, the less steak and eggs you can consume. 

Carbs don't turn into muscle, proteins do. Carbs don't turn into hormones either, but fat does. Steak and eggs are made of proteins and fat. See where I'm going with this? I wouldn't be surprised if carnivory became the premier sport performance diet. It certainly has for some. 


Recovery is accelerated. I think this is due to increased animal protein and fat plus the lack of glucose metabolism. 

Making energy from glucose causes more oxidative damage to our cells than making energy from fat. If we cause less damage during training by burning fat instead of glucose, we recover faster. If we recover faster, we can train hard more frequently. I think it goes without saying that the athlete who can train harder more frequently will win...right?

This video explains this concept better than I ever could: 


Boner power has increased. I have NRBs (no reason boners) all night long. I can no longer sleep on my stomach. 

This just seems to point toward hormone optimization. 

I know, TMI. But sex is important and were all adults here. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't. It's literally what keeps the human race going. 

Boners are normal and every man gets least they should. If they don't they should try this damn diet. 

Bonus: Brittany's libido also increased. Steaks seem to be a fast acting aphrodisiac for her. Score!

The Bottom Line

Despite the life threatening, disease causing, artery clogging effects of meat, I'm not dead. 

I'm having fun experimenting and writing about carnivory, but my goal is to spread the word.

People have been scarred away from eating meat and it fucking pisses me off. My Grandpa's health has been declining and I worry. He's been avoiding meat and fat, following doctors orders. He talks about steak as if it's a long lost love. It's sad to think that if he'd have enjoyed more meat and instead avoided processed bullshit, he might be in better health. 

Thanks for reading.


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